the story.

  nelson_dana_mayfair MayfairBrooks_Episode1 byron_eliot
Mayfair Brooks is 17 (and three-quarters) and studying for her A’Levels (English Literature, Latin and Ancient History, in case you were curious) in a sixth form college by the seaside in England. She wants to be a writer but doesn’t know how to tell anyone. So she starts a secret blog about her lovely group of friends. Someone important in Manhattan spots her talent and she has to decide whether to follow her dream, even though it would be a good idea to finish school and go to University. What will she decide? And if she goes to NYC, what will she learn/see/do/become? Then there’s a mysterious trip to Paris – and her friend Byron ends up in Italy (and then in a lock-down mental health unit), meanwhile Salvatora is running from the secret service and her father is in league with the Mob.

for more information you could write to the writer/director via the lovely “gloria”(who likes to read all the post that comes in first): teamgloria(at)

SAMPLE SCRIPT: Mayfair Brooks Episode3

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