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Mayfair Brooks was featured in Cosmopolitan!



Some of the fan mail (most warmly welcomed) from the Mayfair Brooks pages inside the Episode app:

Amara asks: im from Whitstable! Where did you get the place from? Have you ever been here?
Reply: Amara – so happy to hear from you! I love Whitstable – been many times. I live in Los Angeles now but I grew up in Brighton and have friends that live nearby. *wavingtowhitstable*
lexie asks: What is your favourite quote?mine is “I believe in ordinary acts of bravery,in the curate that drives one person to stand up for another” p.s I love you and your story so so much! Team Bryon!!
Reply: hello lexie – you are so very kind to take the time to write, thank you and Byron is thrilled you’re on Team Byron. in answer to your Q: “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” – Anais Nin
Katie 2003 asks: Hello, as you have probably been told previously by many others, your story is very intriguing and keeps you reading on, I personally am a full on bookworm (as you may probably be yourself), so I know what I am talking about. I would just like to say thankful for this wonderful book, and have a good life. (Kind of random) -Katie
Reply: Katie – what a splendid comment, thank you ever so much for taking time to write. I’m a full on bookworm too. _sophia
Omg omg omg! I luv this story so much but I just have one request, even though this episode is not under the romance category I would like this episode to have more romance. Don’t get me wrong I truly luv this episode just saying my honest opinion
Reply:Hello – honesty is always a good idea – but Mayfair wants to have a bigger adventure than the category of romance might suggest….it’s all about finding out who she is and being a writer and travels and friends right now – but thank you for taking time to write, that means a lot to me. _sophia 
Aurora asks: Hi , I’m Aurora . I like your story very much . When will you finish it ?
Reply: Hello Aurora – thank you so much for taking the time to write and say so! How kind. Mayfair Brooks is up to chapter 13 now – not sure how often the new ones will get uploaded – and there’s no “end point” as yet – it’s all still u n f o l d i n g.
Anonymous asks: I love your story!!! It’s incredible! I have been trying to write a story as good as yours, but I can’t! How do you make a really effective story?
Reply: Hello – how kind of you to write and tell me so – that is so very lovely to hear. I don’t have any new advice though – either one knows how to tell a story or one doesn’t it seems…..the best way to learn is to read a lot and work out why you like someone else’s story and then write each day to learn how to do it too.
Alyssa asks: Dear Sophia, I wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your day to actually read and respond to what I wrote… It’s nice to know that authors are actually reading your questions… You don’t had to respond to this I just thought thanks were in order
Reply: *smiling* sx
Anonymous asks: Hi miss Sophia, do you have any word of advice for all the aspiring writers out there? ps I am loving this episode
Reply: Dear anonymous – how kind of you to write 🙂 My advice is the same as that guidance I was given – write every day and read a LOT. It is crucial to learn from the best. My warmest regards from sunny southern california to wherever you are.
Rosie Greer asks: NEW YORK CITY???!!! I just got to say I love the story all ready!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱AMAZING WRITER YOU ARE! THANK YOU!
Reply: Dear Rosie – *blush* – thank you ever so much for your kindness in taking time to write and for being so gloriously kind.
Alyssa asks: Hey, I just wanted to say that I really do enjoy your story and the way the blog connects with the character development…. I do really enjoy this story but would enjoy to see Mayfair have a romance … I feel as though it would allow younger readers to grasp aspects better as I feel like some don’t understand things like the blog and Byron being “in the closet” and the mafia… Although I’m 15 and this is one of my favorite stories!!
Reply: Dear Alyssa – thank you for taking the time to write – although Mayfair is far too busy to have a romance so Dana is picking up the slack on that front in future episodes (and hopefully the budding writers and possible Byrons will find the identification they need while it will go over the heads of others who need it not 😉 
Afua asks: Awesome story ever ???!!!
Reply: Gosh thank you Afua 🙂
Reply: Ha! Not sure Dana thinks Mayfair needs to change – although she does point out that the scarf in a later chapter is a little “much” – thank you for taking time to write.
Chiara asks: Hi! I’m from Italy and I have a question for you: where did you find the name Salvatora? It is one of the most uncommon names here. I think I never heard of a Salvatora in my whole life.. Anyway, love your story ❤
Reply: Hello, Chiara – thank you for taking time to write and say that you love the story. The name Salvatora came from a vintage poster (1930s?) in an Italian bistro in New York and I was about to write in a teenage Italian character and I thought – gosh, yes, what a brilliant name.
Lexie asks: i have a few questions ok, 1.how old are you? 2.if u had a turtle what would you name it? 3. How is your story soooo awesome??? 4. Do you like pickles 5.do you shower naked? Or is that not normal?….
Reply: gosh. I’m only going to answer two questions because too personal is too much for me – a turtle would be called Wilde (after Oscar) and no, I don’t like pickles. I always give them to my friends when they appear on my plate at restaurants. And thank you for taking time to write and say that Mayfair Brooks is awesome – truly appreciated.
Storm asks: I love your story so much do u know if u are going to write more stories like this one and I was wondering if you do if you can make a character for me and if you can thanks and my names storm I just love this story so much I want more like it you are really good so please let me know if your writing another story and thanks very much for writing this story
Reply: Storm – I am delighted by your response and thank you so much for taking the time to write. 
Angela asks: What made you base the story on secrecy agents and a girl who likes to blog about hers and friends personal private life? Please write back it would mean the world to me.
Reply: Hello, Angela – who knows where stories really come from? The imagination is a strange and beautiful place. Thank you for taking time to write!
Anonymous asks: I really like your story! Makes me happy to be British. 😌
Reply: *smiling* – that pleases me. thank you 
J.M asks: what was your inspiration for writing this story. Also have you actually ever traveled to Britain
Reply: Hello J. M – the story just came to me and yes, I grew up in England. Thanks for taking time to write!
Olivia asks: hiya, I 💙💙💙💙 your story, I’m totally addicted, when will more episodes be out? Plz reply – xxx
Reply: Hello, Olivia – gosh – thanks ever so much for taking the time to write 🙂 I’ve delivered a few more but don’t know when they’re going live. Thanks again! 
lily asks: :::::::::::::::::::::::::: why you make so many characters? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Reply: Hello, Lily – the story seemed to need a lot of characters – who knows where the imagination leads us….
Hey☺️ asks: GUESS WHAT IM BRITISH TOO,I really love your story when I tried I found it REALLY hard so well done
Reply: Dear fellow British person – ta ever so for taking time to write 🙂
illana asks: I truly love this. But can she possibly date someone a little pepper and spice lol
Reply: Illana – thanks for taking time to write! Glad you like Mayfair Brooks. No word on future dating stories though – everything is a surprise….
Ester💐 asks: I love this story can you do more please Saying hello from england
Reply: hello Ester in England! thanks for saying nice things about Mayfair Brooks – truly appreciated 🙂
Snazzy asks: Hello um I wanna just say I l.o.v.e your story it’s great I think I’m on the 3 episode anyway please reply Love Snazzy:)
Reply: Hello, Snazzy – thanks ever so much for taking time to write and say such n. i . c. e. things about Mayfair Brooks – truly appreciated!
Vruska asks: I love the plot, but it’s a little bit speedy. I just hope you can slow things down a little in your next updates!
Reply: Hello Vruska – thanks for taking time to write – glad you love the plot – but the speed is just how the story flows – it’s impossible to stop once it starts 😉
Katie xxx asks: I love your story! Please keep writing 🙂
Reply: Katie – thank you ever so much for taking the time to write!
Taylor asks: May you put me in your movie? Thanks, again I love your story so so much! ~Taylor
Reply: Taylor – thrilled that you like Mayfair Brooks but she lives in her own world – no room for RL characters 😉 Happy reading.
its weird, sorry asks: Hi, I’m loving this story, and it’s only the first episode. Anyways, I’m wondering if Byron IS Gay, and if he will have a future love interest? Thanks!
Reply: hello there 🙂 Byron is still in the questioning phase – he’s still finding out who he is – you never know what might happen. thanks ever so much for the question!
enana asks: hey i want to say ILOVE YOUR STORY plz answer me<3 with love ~enana❤️
Reply: thank you so much for saying so!
Lottie asks: This is written really well. How do you get your ideas.
Reply: thank you ever so much for saying so, Lottie – it’s impossible to say – the imagination is a strange and beautiful place – that’s where ideas come from, right?
Willow asks: i love your episode so far. There is so much detail in all the work. Just a question are you from England or some where close to there. I just want you to know I am not from there I am from u.s.a but I want to learn all about where you are weighting about in your story. By the way LOVE IT!!!😋
Reply: hello Willow – yes, I grew up in England and I’m truly thrilled that you like Mayfair Brooks – thanks for taking time to write!




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